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MacKenzie and Company can show your business the right HP Proliant servers, right away.  Whether it's an application, file and print, messaging, security or mobile server, we have the right product.  We can show your company how consolidating to an HP blade server environment can save your company money and time.   Our team of engineers can install, upgrade, and manage the hardware and software it takes to keep your company on top.  To get a better understanding of what server might be right for your environment, check out this helpful LINK

Our Team of Certified Engineers and Project Managers are experienced with installation, upgrade and maintenance of Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Windows 2003, and Windows Small Business as well as Linux server software.  Additional Customer Training is also available to help you better understand how to securely and cost effectively manage your server hardware and software infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more about our capabilities, or to better understand if our HP or IBM servers and the Microsoft applications that run on them are right for your business, let us know.

Virtualization is here and MacKenzie and Company can show you how it makes sense in your environment.

It's all part of our philosophy, The Best People, Best Products, Best Solutions, and Best Prices so that you may rest assured that your Information Technology infrastructure is helping your business succeed.

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