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Information Lifecycle Management

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MacKenzie and Company realizes your data is one of the most important assets your company can protect in the 21st Century.  It is critical to the way businesses function today, it is the 'secret sauce' that enables you to overcome competitiors, and stay out of the regulators way.

With the explosive growth in data it is becoming much more difficult to manage disparate storage systems in a cost effective manner.  It is also harder to meet the timeframe of your limited backup window.  We understand Information Lifecycle Management and we can help you consolidate and protect your valuable data to meet your specific business needs and objectives in a cost effective manner.

MacKenzie and Company has a team of engineers that will help you navigate all of your options.  Disc to Disc, Disc to Tape, and all the formats involved, what cost and how fast?  It's enough to make your head spin.  Let's face it, without your data your done.  We can take you from initial assesment straight through to installation and continuing data management. 

MacKenzie and Company is proud to off the full line of storage arrays from HP, NetApp, Xiotech and others.  Call us to find out how easy it is to add and manage additional storage onto your network, or to get a free assesment of your storage needs.

We can customize a solution to fit your needs, your budget, and the best technology available today.  It's all part of our philosophy, The Best People, Best Products, Best Solutions, and Best Prices so that you may rest assured that your Information Technology infrastructure is helping your business succeed.  For more information on how to store and protect your data in the most economical fashion or to schedule an assesment,

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